Raspicam Command Line Generator
I made this for me personally, but is free to be used by anyone. This generator will combine the selected options into a ready-to-use command. There is no validation build in to check if the selected options can be used together or are in the correct order. So use it intelligently. Handsdown is not affiliated with the Raspberry PI foundation in any way. More info about the RaspiCam can be found on the raspberry.org website.

Thanks to Francois Mocq for supplying a the translation, you can now access a french version by clicking here!
Global options
Type of capture  
-w  Set image width   (64 to 1920)
-h  Set image height   (64 to 1080)
-d  Run a demo mode
-o  Output filename 
-v  Output verbose information during run 
Preview Window
-p  Preview window settings   x y w h
-f  Fullscreen preview mode
-n  Do not display a preview window
Camera Control Options
-sh  Set image sharpness   (-100 to 100)
-co  Set image contrast   (-100 to 100)
-br  Set image brightness   (0 to 100)
-sa  Set image saturation   (-100 to 100)
-ISO  Set capture ISO   (not yet implemented)
-ev  Set EV compensation   (-10 to +10)
-ex  Set exposure mode 
-awb  Set Automatic White Balance mode 
-ifx  Set image effect 
-cfx  Set colour effect   U V
-mm  Set metering mode 
-rot  Set image rotation   (0 to 359)
-hf  Set horizontal flip 
-vf  Set vertical flip 
Raspistill specific settings
-q  Set jpeg quality   (0 to 100)
-r  Add raw bayer data to jpeg metadata
-t  Time before takes picture and shuts down   (msec)
-tl  Timelapse mode   (msec)
-th  Set thumbnail parameters  x y q
-e  Encoding to use for output file
-x  EXIF tag to apply to captures   (key=value)
Raspivid specific settings
-b  Set bitrate   (bits/second)
-t  Lengt of video capture   (msec)
-fps  Specify the frame per second to record   (2 to 30)
-vs  Turn on video stabilisation 
-e  Display preview image after encoding 
|  Add pipe 
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